Each RedBeard blade is made out of one of the following steels. And yes, we only use steel made right here in the USA.


440C Stainless

440C is a 400 series stainless steel, and possesses the highest carbon content of the 400 stainless steel series. It has high strength, moderate corrosion resistance, and good wear resistance. In addition to being an excellent blade steel, 440C is also used in direct contact ball and roller bearings.

440C is oil quenched, and can achieve a 58-60 HRC hardness rating.

Material Composition

440C has a Carbon content of 0.95–1.20%, a Chromium content of 16.00–18.00%, a Molybdenum content of 0.75%, a Manganese content of 1.0%, and a Silicon content of 1.0%.


D2 Tool Steel

D2 is very wear resistant but not as tough as lower alloyed steels. The mechanical properties of D2 are very sensitive to heat treatment. It is widely used for the production of shear blades, planer blades and industrial cutting tools; sometimes used for knife blades.

Material Composition

D2 Tool Steel has a 1.5% Carbon content, and a 11.0–13.0% Chromium content. Additionally, D2 has a 0.45% Manganese content, a 0.030% Phosphorous content, a 0.030% Sulfur content, a 1.0% Vanadium content, a 0.9% Molybdenum content, and a 0.30% Silicon content.