+F. A. Q.+

Have questions? RedBeard has the answers. 

Are RedBeard Products Made to Order?

Short Answer: Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Long Answer: All custom products are made to order, and may take up to one to two weeks to ship depending on the intensity of the craftsmanship required. 

All other products, if currently in stock, will ship within one to two business days. If not in stock, the customer will be notified of the nature of the delay, and will be told when to expect their shipment.



Short Answer: Always locally, if possible.

Long Answer: We source our lumber from a number of different suppliers spread throughout the Tampa Bay area: Craftsman SupplyIntercity Lumber, and the Woodcraft of Clearwater. We care very deeply about sustainability and ethically-sourced materials here at RedBeard, and so we only source our lumber from licensed hardwood dealers whom we personally trust. 



Short Answer: From the one, the only, Jantz Supply

Long Answer: We source our blades entirely from the best knifemaking supply company in the business: Jantz Supply. They've been making knives, knife blanks, and mosaic pins as a family business since 1966, and all of our knifemaking materials (aside from our scales, of course) come directly from them.   


Does RedBeard Make custom knives?

Short Answer: Absolutely.

Long Answer: We offer two lines of knife products here at RedBeard: the one-time, one-of-a-kind knives found in our online shop, and the one-time, one-of-a-kind custom knives that are made-to-order commissions. If you're looking to order a custom knife, start by simply telling us what you'd like through our Contact page, and we'll send you a quote.


What are the prices of Redbeard's custom knives?

Short Answer: It depends.

Long Answer: The cost of our custom knives, as well as the one-time knives we offer in our shop, follow the same pricing model. Specifically, the price of a RedBeard knife depends upon:

  • The type of steel used in the blade
  • The pattern of the blade blank
  • The price of the wood in the handle scales
  • The cost and number of the mosaic pins

This means that RedBeard knives with higher quality steel will naturally be more expensive, as with knives that require a larger-than-average number of mosaic pins. As such, small everyday carry knives can cost $80-$100, while large hunting knives and skinners can cost between $120-$250. 


Does RedBeard Make Sheathes? 

Short Answer: Yes and no. 

Long Answer: Unfortunately, RedBeard does not make either leather or Kydex sheathes. That said, RedBeard does offer the option of adding a custom knife block or a display stand for knives that are custom ordered. The final design of the knife block or stand will of course be left up to the customer, and the final price of said knife block or stand will depend on the materials used and the complexity of the design. 


Does Redbeard make furniture?

Short Answer: As of right now, no. 

Long Answer: While we have produced one-of-a-kind desks, tables, and cabinets for friends and family, RedBeard does not currently offer furniture in our online store. That said, if you are local to the Tampa Bay area and want something like a nightstand or coffee table custom-made, feel free to Contact us at any time. 


DOES REDBEARD DO custom engraving?

Short Answer: Absolutely. 

Long Answer: As a proud owner of an Inventables' X-Carve CNC machine, RedBeard has the ability to engrave pretty much any design into wood, aluminum, brass, and copper. Whether you're looking to custom engrave a cutting board or commission a custom made sign, RedBeard has you covered. Just tell us what you're looking for through our Contact page, and we'll send you a free quote.


Does redbeard offer bulk pricing?

Short Answer: Definitely.

Long Answer: RedBeard offers many bulk pricing options for our customers. Whether you're looking for enough custom coaster sets to fulfill the needs of a wedding, or wanting enough Thor's Hammer Bottle Openers to outfit a viking raiding party, we are more than equipped to meet your needs. Just send us an e-mail through our Contact page, and we'll send you a free quote.  


Does RedBeard stock retail outlets?

Short Answer: Absolutely.

Long Answer: If you're a retailer and looking to stock RedBeard products, feel free to reach out at any time through our Contact page. We are always on the look out for new stockists, and we would love to send you our buyer's pack. Our current stockists, along with their contact information, may be found on our Stockists page.