Custom Cutting Board - Skinny

Custom Cutting Board - Skinny

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Another one of our smaller boards, the Skinny is exactly that: it's the perfect sort of cutting board for baguettes, sausages, and those deliciously expensive cheeses. Its 45-degree beveled ends also make it an excellent serving board--these simple, yet effective recesses make for perfect handholds. 


  • Made of three hardwoods of your choice.
  • Measures 6" inches wide, 18" inches long, and 7/8" inches thick.
  • Our custom order form offers literally thousands of hardwood combinations.
  • All edges have been chamfered by hand with traditional hand planes and chisels.
  • Finished with RedBeard's Official Cutting Board Wax for maximum protection.
  • Features two, 45 degree beveled edges for easier pick up.
  • Comes with RedBeard's Official Product Care sheet.

Note: Due to the nature of woodwork, please allow up to two weeks for creation and delivery.