Is a small woodworking and knifemaking company based in Tampa, Florida. Founded in the fall of 2016 by sole proprietor Riley Passmore, RedBeard Knife & Wood is the product of a lifelong passion for making not only beautiful but wholly functional things.

We specialize in all types of knives and cutlery, ranging from hunting knives to kitchen knives to skinners, as well as all small woodworking products, including cutting boards, bandsaw boxes, coaster sets, bottle openers, wine displays, and much, much more.

If you are in the market for something custom-made, please read about our process and materials below, and feel free to reach out on our Contact page. Here at RedBeard, we can make just about anything.



When it comes to woodwork, we make everything here entirely from rough sawn lumber. That's right: short of raising and felling the trees ourselves, we design, joint, plane, dimension, and assemble all of our wooden products from scratch.

We use a combination of classical hand tools and modern power tools to get the job done (we don't like to discriminate here at RedBeard), and so all of our products have been crafted with not only the precision of a modern shop, but also with the attention to detail only classical techniques can afford.

As for knifemaking, while we outsource the production of our blades, we use only American-made steel and American-made mosaic pins. We use clear, five ton epoxy to adhere our handle scales; and, like our wood products, we only use domestic and exotic hardwoods in our handles and knife blocks.

We also design all of our handle patterns entirely in house, and sand and shape all of our handles by hand. We finish our knives with two to three coats of boiled linseed oil to resist both stains and moisture, and sharpen all of our edges with authentic Japanese water stones. As such, all RedBeard knives come razor sharp and ready for use.



Our wood products are made of only solid domestic and exotic hardwoods, such as walnut, purpleheart, birdseye maple, African padauk, and more. This means that no plywood, particleboard, or MDF will ever be found in any of our products.

The same goes for stains, paints, and dyes: none of the wood in RedBeard's products has been visually altered in any way, and so all of the wood you see here is as it naturally appears.

As for our knives, we use a number of different steels with varying degrees of hardness, depending on the application. D2 tool steel and 440C stainless are our personal favorites; and, of course, the steel of every RedBeard knife will be labeled accordingly in our shop.